Posts made in November, 2014

Is it Possible For You To Be Creative?

My office space is sandwiched between the offices of about a dozen or so therapists, which I find ironically interesting due to the number of self-help books that I’ve read over the years to make peace with my choice of being a creative/artist. One of the therapists that has an office across from mine happens to have an interesting voice and she often reminds me of Barbara Streisand. I don’t know her very well but the other day, I asked her if she sings? I saw a little smirk in the side of her smile, like I’d touched on something that had come up many other times. She said that it’s something that she would have liked to explore but that it wasn’t possible at this time. Then as she looked around my office, she said, “I would have liked to have been an artist,” and my response was, “You can. Anytime you’re ready to start, it’s available to you but you have to show up for it and do the work, like anything else.” Then she said, “No, you have that something that I...

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